• What big change are you navigating right now?

  • Are you seeking more alignment and aliveness in your life?

  • Do you want to find connection and community with others in transition?

"From a little spark may burst a flame." - Dante Alighieri

Why I Love What I Do

The more you know yourself and understand how you respond to change, the more empowered and equipped you become to make the shifts you deeply want for your life. I love working with women of all ages who are committed to the process of personal growth and learning. I believe in a co-creative, heart-centered, and aligned-action approach that taps into your creativity, authenticity, and inner wisdom.


“We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”E.M. Forster

Let me help you:

  • Excavate and connect to your heart’s desires;
  • Let go of beliefs and thoughts that create obstacles;
  • Move towards authenticity and feeling more whole;
  • Create alignment between your life purpose, personal values, and goals.
  • Leverage tools, frameworks, and other credible resources that can be used during the sessions and after to support long-term, sustainable change.

Current Offerings

If you are a new client, reach out to schedule a free 30-minute intake so we can get to know each other and you can find out more about my offerings. You can then select a session that feels like the best fit or we can create something together that is customized to your needs and goals. If interested, contact me at [email protected]. All sessions are done via Zoom.

My Unfolding Journey

“Not a day goes by that I don't still need to remind myself that my life is not just what's handed to me, nor is it my list of obligations, my accomplishments or failures, or what my family is up to, but rather it is what I choose, day in and day out, to make of it all.” - Katrina Kenison, American writer

I am a mom of two vivacious teenagers, a wife, a yogi and dog lover. My life’s work is to help organizations, teams, and individuals connect to their purpose and navigate transition with roadmaps that align their values, beliefs and actions. I have over twenty-five years of experience partnering with leaders and teams to deepen collaboration, connection and communication. I am now the chief engagement officer (CEO) and co-owner of Big Tent Consulting with my life and business partner, Howie. I continue to be sparked by being a community builder, employee advocate, work/life coach and experience designer. In 2022, I completed three professional certifications to add to my toolbox. I am now a Wayfinder Life Coach, a Certified Sparketype Advisor, and “Scaling Intimacy.” Experience Designer. I love finding reasons to celebrate with family and friends, as well as make time for walks in the woods with my camera.

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